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Welcome to Body Influences

Personal Training Woking

Our Body Influences the way we feel and we are passionate about improving wellbeing for everyone

We pride ourselves on understanding our clients to achieve personal health & fitness goals and ensure an enjoyable experience

Our testimonials reflect our expertise and engaging approach, having worked with many individuals and groups in the Woking & Guildford area for Personal Training, Pilates and Yoga

We enjoy an active and fun lifestyle ourselves and love to pass this on to others!


Keep on Moving

Keeping fit and moving has so many valuable benefits.

We know that exercise is not only great for the body but also for the mind – it’s a real mood changer. There is a strong link between being physically active and improved mental well-being.

No matter what your goal, what time you have, or what your current level of fitness is, we will work with you to provide you a sensible and achievable programme to develop and improve your fitness, enhance movement and manage stress The results will speak for themselves.

About Us

personal training in woking surrey

Geoff Mathis

Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist
personal trainer in woking surrey

Jackie Thorogood

Pilates and Yoga Teacher


  • I thought Jackie taught my Pilates sessions really well, keeping it varied and interesting with just enough ‘push’ so it wasn’t too easy or too difficult.

    Sukhy Bains
  • As promised, a picture of my trimmer self (no airbrushing) all down to your fantastic guidance and encouragement and of course my hard work. Over the years I have tried all sorts of diets, and gym memberships, to get rid of the bumpy bits but without much success, now thanks to our weekly sessions, I can see the improvement and most importantly I look forward to my Thursday training sessions, particularly the boxing!

    body influences woking personal training
    Elaine Evans
  • I have attended the Pilates classes run by Jackie for the last 8 weeks – she is a fabulous teacher and always takes great care that her clients are doing things correctly and achieving the best for themselves. Her classes are fun and the time fly’s by ! I would highly recommend Jackie and her classes for both beginners and those who have experienced Pilates before.

    Sarah Russell
  • As a more mature gym user and having regularly taken exercise I have found our sessions educational, allowing my training to be more effective when exercising on my own. So a more efficient use of my time. As a keen scuba diver I have noticed an improved fitness level.

    My diet has also improved with Geoff’s education and motivation, also resulting in a loss of weight. So well worth my investment!

    Peter from body influences woking personal training
    Peter Fitzcosta
    Company Director
  • Jackie managed the exercises to suit all levels and abilities, I don’t have to be as fit as others to do the class. The individual attention where she checks everyone to ensure they’re doing it correctly is great.

    Helen Hewitt
  • I really look forward to and enjoy my sessions with Geoff. He focuses on what you are seeking to achieve, whilst having due regard to safety and any existing injuries or health issues. His friendly and enthusiastic approach, along with much encouragement, creates an excellent training environment where you push yourself harder than otherwise you might.

    Jonathan from body influences woking personal training
    Jonathan Turner
    Chartered Surveyor
  • The benefits? Where do I start?! For someone who doesn’t do exercise and sits behind a desk every day, the class has been very beneficial. I feel space in my back (sounds odd but I that’s how I’d describe it), after each session I sleep really well, it’s like my body has been stretched and relaxed, I really feel like it’s doing me good, thank you.

    Helen Hewitt
  • Geoff has trained me for over ten years. I’ve lost weight, become faster in Triathlon (despite heading towards 50) and he has sorted out my injuries. He has trained my teenage son for three years and totally transformed him too.

    body influences woking personal training
    Howard Tucker
    Construction Director
  • I really enjoyed it. More than I thought I would! I also think it has benefitted my back– I love the feeling at the end of the class when I know I am more flexible then, than I had been an hour ago.

    Melanie Coates
  • Geoff has helped to progress towards my goals in a fun and enjoyable way which I never thought would be the case.

    James from body influences woking personal training
    James Kimber
    Company Director
  • Pilates with Jackie changed completely my perception of Pilates – I now consciously think much more about my core and posture, and her classes have really helped in my other fitness with balance, breathing and coordination. Each class is different – really clear instructions friendly and fun.

    Carina Kemp
  • I’ve really enjoyed your Pilates classes. It’s helped me unwind and feel more supple and generally complimented my other activities.

    Su Briant
  • Fun, informative, better understanding of Pilates and its benefits, enjoyed taking a class with my husband – good to be able to chat afterwards about what we learnt.

    Deb Norton
  • I’ve loved the classes. I think you’ve done it really well and got a good feel to them. It felt like you were making sure we were doing it really properly but it was still fun. Well done you!!

    Thanks very much for a brilliant solid intro to Pilates. My core thanks you 🙂

    Michelle Stevenson

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Jackie – Pilates & Yoga

Email – jackie@bodyinfluences.co.uk Telephone 07799 582914

Geoff – Personal training and Sports Massage

Email geoff@bodyinfluences.co.uk Telephone 07747 022421

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